Uganda Paypal account that can receive money


U cant withdraw if you cant receive – In Uganda, we will request you come with national ID if you want personal account, most people know how to create a paypal account but are not told there accounts cant receive money. i wonder why people write about how to withdraw money from paypal and forget to talk about how to create an account which can receive.
If you want to have your organisation, business  or personal account that is directly in your names . We charger UGX 450000 for the service. Call 256701026913.

It’s almost impossible to withdraw Paypal money in Uganda but like i said, ‘almost impossible’, it is not completely impossible because we can still withdraw Paypal money in Uganda using a few tweaks and complex procedures.

 Besides withdrawals, Ugandan Paypal accounts can’t receive Paypal money meaning if you are thinking of receiving Paypal cash in Uganda you must own an account that receives money and the only way we can own one is by using a different country (Probably Kenya) when registering for a Paypal account. If your Paypal account is Ugandan verified i suggest you try opening up a new account and use a different country address else you won’t receive or withdraw Paypal money in Uganda.

 According to Paypal Ugandan accounts can’t receive or withdraw money because of fraud. This service was available to Uganda before but it got ruled out after. Ugandan accounts are restricted to only send money and make online transactions entitling us to very limited services of Paypal in Uganda.

This tutorial isn’t limited to only Paypal Uganda users but also Paypal Kenya users and Paypal Rwanda users. If you live in an unsupported country i have a separate tutorial for you that i intend to publish soon otherwise, by the end of this tutorial you should be able to:

  •  Withdraw money from Paypal in Uganda
  • Withdraw money from Paypal in Kenya
  • Withdraw money from Paypal in Rwanda

Paypal Kenya users are so lucky that their country is supported by Paypal making them able to receive and withdraw money directly to their Equity Bank accounts. My Paypal account is Kenyan verified and am able to receive funds through it though i use other means for withdrawing money

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