General Digital marketing


If you’re looking at this Package. This means you have been online. You have all the essentials for your company online visibility that is you have a website and linked to some social media platforms. Well maintenance pack is to keep you visible in the competition. You can pay off promotion at a monthly cost of UGX400,000 for small scale businesses and UGX650,000 for larger businesses or you can pay promotion cost of UGX350,000 and UGX550,000.  monthly respectively with a contract for 9 Months. These fees are paid in 3 months installments. We develop new content and update the old content and increase business visibility. 

Below are the services you get for the starter Pack:

  1. Website Maintenance
  2. Social Media Marketing (Business Maintainer)
  3. Site Engine Optimization (SEO)
  4. Graphics
  5. Company Portfolio
  6. Security Reports
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