Why you should choose Child/ Minor Tracking for your Child.

Well, children can seem to be off their way in most cases and this worries parents. As an African parent,  you will tend to be so much protective towards what they do, who they visit, and where they are. Let us take this as an advantage and its fine to worry about your kids like any other responsible parent. But the question is do you have means to get this all information at once. My answer is YES.!  Our survey came up with results after introducing this service to 50 parents. Trust me 90% of the question parents did not know that this is possible

How this has been made possible.

This has been made possible through a lot of channels.  With the advancement of technology, there are so many gadgets and websites promising to provide this service to parents but here is the real solution

1. Phone Tracking

These days children are clever, they don’t want parents to know where they are and there are so many companies and apps that promise to provide the information and get you to install an app on the child’s phone which apps are later uninstalled by these informed children. But this is not what we do. We providing a long-lasting solution. What we use is our secret but we get access to a child’s phone for some minutes and well it does matter if its formatted 100 times you will still get it all. Whatsapp messages, Twitter, Facebook, location, camera. You have it all.

2. Tracking Bracelets and Watches

This is only for the location. More advanced technology is soon providing us with audio functionalities. A child is given a bracelet or a watch to use. This pings instant location to your phone at all times.

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